Ensure Universal Access & Capacity

Digital Skills Training

Access is only half the battle. With technology proliferation comes the need for training to ensure those who can benefit the most from connectivity are not missing out. This requires a substantial resource investment; it cannot be managed by volunteers alone.

Computers in the Home

Though many people in underserved communities have mobile devices, the digital divide cannot truly be closed until there is a computer in every home.

Fiber to the Community

Until high-speed Internet access is available across the entire community, we cannot fully achieve our regional goal to become America’s Digital Crossroads.

Community Education and Awareness

Promoting digital literacy, engaging residents in training classes, and making them aware of all that high-speed Internet has to offer.

Digital Infrastructure

Working toward the installation of a comprehensive broadband and wireless technology network to meet broad community needs and support economic progress.

Home Internet Access

Ensuring that all residents have access to the Internet and possess the equipment and skills to use it to better their lives.

Expand Economic Opportunity

Access to Capital

Increase access to capital for new technology-related business development and business expansion.

Technology Transfer

Connect researchers at area universities, health care institutions and large companies that develop intellectual property with individuals and companies who are able to bring these ideas to the commercial marketplace.

Innovation Hubs/Tech Districts

By working in close proximity, small businesses and entrepreneurs can share resources, learn from each other and spur innovations.

Proof of Concept and Fab Labs

Develop rapid prototype demonstration and manufacturing facilities that allow vendors and entrepreneurs to test new designs and concepts without major capital expenditures.

University Research Capacity

Leaders of the region’s higher education institutions have identified the use of highspeed broadband to connect research capacities as a priority.

IT Workforce Development

As our IT economy expands with the advent of the ultra-high-speed fiber network, it is critical to grow our pool of skilled IT workers.

Power Next-Generation Innovation

Gigabit Ecosystem Building

Build a diverse human network of forward-thinking people intent on making new applications that take advantage of gigabit technology and leverage it to make people’s lives better.

Government Innovation

To develop a community initiative for citizen and business innovators to work with city halls to devise ways local governments can function and interact with citizens in more efficient, economical and user-friendly ways.

Medical Reimbursement

Allowing health care providers to take full advantage of technology advancements by encouraging insurers to adopt a new model for medical reimbursements,.

Telehealth Pilot

Harness gigabit connectivity to develop and launch a pilot project at local hospital or university medical center to deliver enhanced digital health services to the uninsured or under-insured.

Digital Arts

Ultra-fast broadband connectivity causes fundamental changes in the way we experience the world, and artistic interpretations of that shift can demonstrate the power of this technology.

Libraries Pilot

A library pilot project will build institutional bridges across the K–20 spectrum of K–12 schools, public libraries, colleges, universities and others to enhance and extend connected learning opportunities and resource sharing for life-long learning.

K-12 Classroom Demonstrations

Developing demonstration projects to address changes to social/cultural attitudes, teaching philosophies, teacher-training requirements and progress measurement.

Mesh Wi-fi Networks

Wi-Fi networks are an effective way to supplement fiber-to-the-home by providing Internet access to underserved areas and populations. Strategic use of Wi-Fi networks in targeted business locations support entrepreneurial development, tourism and other economic development objectives.

Next-Generation Home

Installing state-of-the-art hardware in model homes as a testing ground for entrepreneurs and demonstration of practical applications for gigabit speeds.

Establish Smart City Leadership

Convention Center Technology

Develop strategies to take advantage of the region’s fiber network to market convention and meeting facilities.

Global Roundtables

A compelling exchange of issues and experiences with communities around the world will lead to strategic and tactical action plans to move high-speed fiber initiatives forward.

Marketing the Region

Transforming Kansas City's national image from a centrally located business destination to a prominent talent magnet for the best and brightest professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses.