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It is incumbent on KC Digital Drive and its partners to promote digital competency, engaging residents and making them aware of all that high-speed Internet has to offer. We must encourage digital literacy among area residents of every socioeconomic status, as well as promote responsible and appropriate use of the Internet.


The digital leadership network should:

  • Work with neighborhood leaders and community organizations to identify gaps in digital literacy and develop training programs to address them.
  • Work with schools and other organizations to develop training and mentoring programs for new computer users of all ages.
  • Work with neighborhoods, schools and community organizations to encourage productive use of the Internet.


KC Digital Drive will envision, outline and assist with the implementation of a Digital Inclusion Plan for the entire Kansas City metro.

Projects in action

Civic Innovation Challenge – Connecting Underrepresented Youths with Employment Opportunities

This is a $1M National Science Foundation-funded project that aims to support the Kansas City region’s youth by boosting work readiness and cultivating occupational identities. The project will help young people access more opportunities through innovative civic technology and a youth-centered app, and by specifically studying the transportation behavior of youth, and offering shared-mobility options like bikes, transit, and micro-transit services.

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KC Goes Tech

New microgrant program helps expand the ability of community organizations to include digital training in their offerings, and to network more effectively with existing digital literacy providers.

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Digital Equity for Community Health Workers

Community health workers (CHWs) are support personnel to the healthcare process of the people they serve. Currently, in the Kansas City region, their work especially includes linking the care environment to the social services environment. This has come about as more policy makers understand the power of the social determinants of health in patient outcomes.

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Our partners in Digital Inclusion.
Kauffman Foundation
Connecting for Good
Local Investment Commission