Our Mission & Work

Making Kansas City a Digital Leader

KC Digital Drive is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to make Kansas City a digital leader to secure our economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for all people in the region.

We accomplish this by:


1. Closing the Digital Divide

To connect everyone to affordable broadband Internet, and make emerging technology equitably accessible.



2. Driving Digital Innovation

To give everyone the opportunity and resources to create new technology ventures and applications that will improve lives and grow the economy



3. Building Kansas City’s Reputation

To make Kansas City a capitol of civic innovation and thoughtful adopter of technology known the world around.

Our Process

KCDD Process Chart

The KC Digital Drive Process (click to enlarge)

We work toward these objectives through a four-part process:

  1. Build and engage with communities
  2. Identify and evaluate opportunities
  3. Implement and support tech-based projects
  4. Track results and share stories

Our Team

Aaron Deacon

Aaron Deacon

Managing Director

Jim Starcev

Jim Starcev

Solutions Lab Program Manager

Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott

Digital Inclusion Program Manager

John Fitzpatrick

John Fitzpatrick

Community Health Strategist

Anurag Patel

Anurag Patel

Digital Health Strategist

Paul Barham

Paul Barham

Captain, Code for KC

William Crumpler

William Crumpler

Digital Inclusion Program Coordinator

Kiley Larson

Kiley Larson

Research Fellow

Board of Directors

Alan Howze, Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS

Kate Bender, City of Kansas City, MO

Aaron Deacon, KC Digital Drive

Greg Elliott, 1623 Farnam

Ellen Suni, UMKC School of Law

Darren Prenger, ECCO Select


“KC Digital Drive helps us help our patients. There’s so much that goes behind delivering excellent care to children that never gets the credit it deserves. KC Digital Drive is an example of that because if I’m not inspired, if I don’t know what’s new in Kansas City, I can’t channel it to our patients for outcomes. So the work KC Digital Drive does ultimately improve the health of our kids because it makes us better leaders.”
Morgan Waller

Director of Telemedicine, Children's Mercy Hospital

“If you’re in an area that can be affected by the digital economy — if you’re in a place where you want to connect with what’s going on relative to creativity or entrepreneuralism in the region, we want to have you at the table, talking with KC Digital Drive and being a part of our effort.”
Joe Reardon

CEO , of KCATA and Former Mayor of Kansas City, Kan.

“KC Digital Drive has been really important to KC’s educators and their ability to innovate, as well as ensuring that all Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri school districts had Google Fiber and were able as a result to lay the groundwork for the online access that every young person will need to be fully prepared for the workforce and post-secondary education.”
Susan Wally

Executive Director, PREP-KC

How You Can Support Us

The power of KC Digital Drive lies in the strength of our network. In order to pursue projects that are truly oriented toward the community, we rely on the support of government, philanthropic, civic and private organizations — and the hundreds of volunteers and citizens who participate in our work. Because we have such diverse supporters, we have several ways to offer support:

  • Donation
  • Sponsorship
  • Work for Hire
  • Memberships to KC Digital Drive
  • Volunteer Participation

Donate: For three years, KC Digital Drive has been a shoestring operation with a big heart, tons of smarts and a lean crew. Now, as a full-fledged 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we seek partners who share our vision of making sure Kansas City seizes the moment to become stronger through technology. With your tax-deductible contribution, we will build capacity and fund programs that help our schools, healthcare systems, local governments, entrepreneurs and neighborhoods. A donation to KC Digital Drive brings returns today — and for years into the future. Contact us for more information, or give directly online.

Sponsor: We are at the forefront of a dynamic network of innovators in civic, nonprofit and commercial circles. Our sponsorship system offers a great way to support us while raising your company’s profile among Kansas City’s tech elite. You can sponsor individual events or easily spread a one-time financial commitment across many initiatives for ease of budgeting and maximum flexibility. Contact us today to talk about sponsoring.

Hire Us: We have a unique and proven set of skills honed in the private sector that includes innovation strategy, research, future planning, product development, project management, web development, community management, social media, marketing communications and strategic planning. Contact us today to consult on your innovation efforts. Contact us to begin your engagement.

Become a Professional Member: Our membership structure helps participants stay on top of the digital discussion while also receiving network benefits and exposure. Our Health Innovation Team is a group of area healthcare influencers who meet regularly to discuss how technology is shaping practice in the Kansas City area. Because the group has yielded multiple valuable collaborations and offers valuable content to its members, we believe it can serve as a model for other industries, such as education, entrepreneurship, and more. Contact us to become a pro member.

Participate/Volunteer:  There are many ways to join KC Digital Drive that don’t require any financial commitment. Seats are always open at our many events – in the audience or behind the volunteer table. Come meet up with the region’s most tech-savvy and community-minded folks at events like the Gigabit City Summit, Code for America Brigade, 1 Million Cups EDU, 1 Billion Bits and more. Contact us to talk volunteering.

Let's Start Talking

Interested in supporting KC Digital Drive with a gift, sponsorship or volunteering? Start by sending us an email. You may also give a tax-deductible donation via PayPal.