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We work on the frontier of inclusion and innovation which requires an adaptive model that considers the maturity of an idea and the nature of stakeholder engagement.

Our model utilizes collaborations to power (3) strategic pillars that support the overarching purpose of KC Digital Drive and engages community at different phases of idea development. We engage any group or problem no matter where it falls.

Strategic Pillars

• Solutions Lab – the development of technology solutions for vexing public problems

• Community Builder – ideas generated through multi-sector collaboration and the inclusion of diverse voices

• Project Delivery – our proven consultancy approach to engage the community and ensure equitable utilization of technology

Technology + Community

Home Internet
Code for America
Innovation Hubs & Tech Districts


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Featured Projects


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developer Challenge

KC Digital Drive is hosting an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Developer Challenge. The AR/VR Challenge will bring together entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, developers, and other creative minds with the goal of building AR applications that solve local problems.

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