Government Innovation

Collaboration between citizens and government leads to innovation.

Members in Code for KC Brigade

Roundtable Meetings with Code for America Fellows and Cities

Community Leaders Reached


A Kansas City-based municipality-to-municipality innovation network can improve local government services by developing open data applications, eliminating duplication of effort, enhancing collaboration and cohesion, and sharing resources. Examples include Internet applications to streamline permitting processes, allow citizens to report maintenance needs and optimize parking in congested areas.

Our goal is to develop a community initiative for citizen and business innovators to work with city halls to devise ways local governments can function and interact with citizens in more efficient, economical and user-friendly ways.


  • Engage citizens in focused discussions to determine what specific services and functions could benefit from high-speed Internet connections and new digital applications.
  • The two Kansas Cities should collaborate in pursuing corporate and foundation support, as well as state and federal grants, to support government innovation.
  • Work with MARC and local governments across the region to develop strategies for incorporating technology into improved government services and communications.
  • Engage citizens in government decision-making processed through technology.
  • Use technology to enhance customer service and responsiveness.
  • Implement technology solutions to support enhanced public safety, particularly in high-crime areas.City could change the face of health care across the country.

Projects in action

MetroLab Network

The MetroLab Network is a consortium of city-university partnerships across the US that fosters collaboration between local governments and academic researchers and practitioners. Faculty and students get access to real-life laboratories to test advanced approaches aimed at addressing city priorities and challenges.

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Code for KC

Kansas City’s civic-hacking superhero brigade. Code for KC was established in 2013 as the “leave behind” of the Code for America Fellowship program. It has been a program of KC Digital Drive since 2014, and includes a network of hundreds of active civic hackers working on open-source, open-data projects that benefit the community.

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Civic Tech Forum and Apps Showcase

Created for Code for America’s CodeAcross celebration, the Civic Tech Forum and Showcase brought together 29 City Council Candidates and civic app developers for an innovation summit at Union Station.

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