National Smart Coalitions Partnership

A national cross-sector network to accelerate more sustainable and resilient cities

Regional Smart City Organizations

Local Governments, Companies, and Universities in 6 States

​KC Digital Drive is a member of the National Smart Coalitions Partnership (NSCP) –  a network of seven regional smart city organizations across the U.S. representing over 100 local governments, companies, and universities in six states. The mission of NSCP is to unite existing regional ecosystems of civic innovation into a multi-state network that will help lower the barriers to deploying, replicating, and scaling smart solutions. 

The NSCP will help communities achieve these goals in three ways. The first is through information sharing. Through monthly convenings, NSCP members will share news, resources, best practices, and other relevant information about civic technology initiatives to improve members’ awareness of ongoing work in the space, reduce redundant IT efforts, and allow for faster scaling of successful technologies. The partnership will also host events, conferences, and workshops allowing a broad range of stakeholders to engage with NSCP members and their work. 

In addition, the NSCP will also help to improve cross-regional coordination on issues like cybersecurity, privacy, connectivity, resilience, transportation, and financial sustainability which cannot be solved by individual jurisdictions on their own. By providing a platform to bring together key stakeholders and coordinate the development of best practices, the NSCP will help its members make progress on the broader questions facing their smart city ambitions. 

The NSCP will also serve as a mechanism for participating organizations to plan and execute multi-region projects and joint research initiatives. This will make it easier to scale existing smart city initiatives to new regions, and help bridge the gap between local, state, and regional efforts. 

The seven members of the NSCP are the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance (CSCA), North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA), The Connective, Illinois Smart City & Region Association (ISCRA), KC Digital Drive (KCDD), The Southern Arizona Smart Region, led by the Regional Partnering Center (RPC), and Smart North Florida

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