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KC Digital Drive developed the Cord Cutting Workshop after receiving a generous supply of Chromecasts as a gift from Google. The idea was to give the Chromecasts away in a meaningful way, namely by teaching people about how the devices could improve their lives and bring them into the up-to-date world of streaming. Cable subscriptions, like Internet subscriptions, can be expensive, and these free devices could save people money while continuing to provide them with an ocean of entertainment options.

This experiential workshop is based on a two-hour session that focuses on teaching participants how to set up and use a streaming device, how to navigate the streaming landscape of free and paid services, and how to find reliable home Internet at speeds suitable for streaming. Since April of 2023, we’ve distributed more than 325 devices across 19 events with nine different partner organizations, including Phoenix Families, The Black Family Technology Awareness Association, and Jewish Family Services.

Share and Remix for Your Use

We encourage organizations to share, adapt and remix this workshop for their own use with clients through a turnkey workshop kit via a Creative Commons license.

Our goal is to expand the reach of the Cord-Cutting Workshop and further enhance digital choice and digital empowerment through a open source curriculum that direct service organizations can use and share with the people they serve.

The Cord-Cutting Workshop Kit is under development and coming soon. In the meantime, please contact Kyra at kcolbert at kcdigitaldrive dot org to learn more.

Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott

Digital Inclusion Program Manager

Kyra Colbert

Kyra Colbert

KC Metro Digital Equity Coordinator

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