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A Missouri Digital Demonstration Project to Expand Digital Inclusion Training into Rural Areas

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What is MO Goes Tech?

KC Digital Drive has been awarded a $25,000 grant through the Missouri Department of Economic Development, funded by the 2021 Digital Equity Act, as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to expand the ability of community organizations across the state of Missouri to include digital training, access to devices and navigation resources for affordability programs to their service offerings. The Digital Demonstration Projects Grant Program selected MO Goes Tech among its (10) selected projects with the potential to determine what activities most effectively improve digital equity and inclusion in the state.

We believe that organizations that administer the social safety net have a good model for providing assistance to help low-income households pay rent, avoid eviction, and maintain utility services. And we believe that internet access is of similar import. 

Inspired by our successful launch of KC Goes Tech in 2022, MO Goes Tech aims to expand the capacity of community-service organizations with established client relationships to add digital training and navigation to their service offerings, including enrollment in the Affordable Connectivity Program, and access to computers or tablets to ensure their clients have the tools they need to fully participate in the digital economy. 

MO Goes Tech will identify seven (7) direct service organizations providing social, human, or economic services to rural populations in the state of Missouri that could benefit from an expanded digital access and literacy component to their existing client offerings. 

Eligible organizations are invited to apply for the first MO Goes Tech cohort, and each selected organization will receive a $2,000 microgrant that includes $1,000 for a stipend for the staff trainer and $1,000 in unrestricted funds to boost digital service capacity.

Who should apply?

Client-serving nonprofit organizations, schools, or government agencies in rural counties in Missouri are eligible and encouraged to apply for microgrant funds.  Please note the following counties are NOT eligible for this program due to population size or other Demonstration Projects that may be available to them.

Counties NOT ELIGIBLE TO APPLY are:  Atchison, Cass, Christian, Clay, Dallas, Franklin, Gentry, Greene, Holt, Jackson, Jefferson, Nodaway, Platte, Polk, Ray, St. Charles, St. Louis, St. Louis City, Webster and Worth. All other counties are eligible to apply.

We welcome organizations that currently offer some level of digital training and those who would like to start. The application is brief and should take less than 30 minutes to complete. To view a PDF version in advance, click here



IF you have any questions about timing, training, eligibility and more, please contact Leslie Scott at


Key Dates

  • MAY 15  –  Applications open for organizations to apply to be a training partner 
  • JUN 2  –  Deadline to apply (by 5:00pm)
  • JUN 9  –  Initial review of submissions to verify eligibility
  • JUN 12  –  Notification of microgrant awards via email 
  • JUN 26  –  Digital Coach Orientation (Noon to 2pm)
  • JUN 27  –  Digital Coach ACP Training (Noon to 2pm)
  • JUL 5 to AUG 14  –  Training classes for clients 
  • AUG 14 to 28  –  Device orders and fulfillment
  • AUG 31  –  Program closes

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