Global Roundtables

Establish Kansas City as an Emerging Global Leader in Smart City Discussions

cities represented at the Gigabit City Summit telepresence events

city leaders at the 2014 Gigabit City Summit-KC

U.S. metros expected at the Gigabit City Summit 2015


Telepresence roundtables will provide a global platform to share what we’ve learned, promote economic development opportunities, and accelerate the momentum already established locally through Building the Gigabit City, Give Us a Gig and the Kansas City Broadband Leadership Summit.

A compelling exchange of issues and experiences with communities around the world will lead to strategic and tactical action plans to move high-speed fiber initiatives forward.


  • Engage local partners and sponsors, develop an initial discussion agenda and issue a global core-team invitation.
  • Develop collaborative relationships between Kansas City and other leading Gigabit Cities around the globe.
  • Share best practices on a global basis.
  • Gain immediate national and international recognition by positioning Kansas City, Kan., Kansas City, Mo., and local organizations on the global stage.
  • Develop series of physical conference events to bring gigabit city leaders from around the country to Kansas City


  • Three Gigabit City Summit sessions with leaders from Amsterdam, Singapore, Moscow, Toronto and Barcelona among others
  • Secured participation in Smart City Expo + World Congress by Kansas City mayors, KC Digital Drive and area entrepreneurs
  • Speaking engagements about Kansas City digital developments at
    • Smart Cities Summit; Feb 2012; Vancouver, BC; Sly James
    • Delta Regional Authority Summit; Oct 2012; Memphis, TN; Rick Usher
    • FTTH Forum; Nov 2012; Istanbul, Turkey; Aaron Deacon
    • Freedom 2 Connect; Mar 2013; Washington, DC; Aaron Deacon
    • Broadband Communities Summit; April 2013; Dallas, TX; Sly James, Joe Reardon, Mike Burke, Rick Usher, Steve Fennel, Aaron Deacon
    • US Ignite Application Summit; June 2013; Chicago, IL; Aaron Deacon
    • Innovus 2013; May 2013; Tomsk, Russia; Mike Burke, Rick Usher via SightDeck
  • Participated in Meeting of the Minds smart city summit Sep 2012, SF
  • Participated in day-long FCC session about commissioner’s Gigabit City Challenge
  • Hosted FTTH Council Community Toolkit Conference in Kansas City and worked closely with FTTH leadership to facilitate program and connections
  • Actively participated in US Ignite programming to unite gigabit cities around application opportunities; joined US Ignite Applications Committee
  • Represent KC interests in national conversations about gigabit city leadership along with FTTH Council, Broadband Communities Summit, FCC, Gig.U, et al
  • Coordinated foreign press tour and activities during FTTH Council
  • Met with EU science and technology delegation to share KC activity
  • Participated in Chamber-sponsored Leadership Exchange to Austin
  • Gig2Gig sessions between in Kansas City and Chattanooga entrepreneurs
  • Kansas City hosted CityAge conference, and Mayor James participated in conferences in Vancouver and New York
  • KU Med and KC Library participate in SHLB conference (DC, May 2013)

Projects in action

Gigabit City Summit

What began as a series of telepresence roundtables evolved into a national conference. The Gigabit City Summit 2015 is in Kansas City, January 12-15.

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