House of the Future

A demonstration home to show the benefits of gigabit fiber.


more efficient


of the cost of typical ownership

kWhs saved per year


High-speed connectivity brings exciting new possibilities to our daily lives. A demonstration house-of-the-future can show practical applications for high-speed fiber and generate demand for new technologies. Open source  development of applications will encourage collaboration and innovation and give more people access to new opportunities. A gigabit-connected home equipped with state-of-the-art hardware will serve as both an “open-source” testing ground for entrepreneurs and a demonstration site for the public.



  • Encourage efforts already underway to develop demonstration homes and exhibits. In addition, MBIT recommends:
  • Identify pilot projects with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), area homebuilders, real-estate agents and building managers.
  • Work with professional associations such as the AIA and USGBC to raise awareness about incorporating new technologies into building design.
  • Find technology and construction partners to lead pilot projects.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Develop expertise in the Kansas City metropolitan area around technology-oriented construction and building design.
  • Showcase ways to use high-speed Internet access in the homes, such as utilities, appliances, alarm systems, telemedicine, education and telecommuting.
  • Innovations in home design can spur economic development.

Projects in action

Acre Designs

Acre is building the home of the future – reinventing the American home to be efficient, affordable and smart. We create a new framework for how homes are designed and built, delivering better solutions for the next generation.

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