In collaboration with PCs for People and Linwood Property Inc, KC Digital Drive is excited to be able to maintain the longstanding digital skills training at the LAMP Campus and bring in our train-the-trainer programming and ACP sign-up support services to this community.

We are excited to welcome Carol Meyers to our team to deliver monthly place-based training sessions, and to begin offering train-the-trainer programming and ACP Sign-up Support at the LAMP Campus at 1801 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64109.

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  • How long have you been a digital skills trainer? Since 2013.
  • How did you get into this work? When I retired from being a real estate broker for over 40 years, I wanted to donate my computer, and I was put in touch with one of the founders of Connecting for Good (now PCs for People’s KC operation. We got to talking, and he found out that I was the trainer for the Western United States for Coldwell Banker for a number of years– and he said ‘alright, you’ve got a training background and you’re obviously digitally literate, so how would like to volunteer to teach a digital literacy skills class once a week?” And here I am ten years later!
  • What advice do you give your trainees? Relax. The first thing I make sure everybody knows is, number one: you can’t break it. There’s nothing you can do that I can’t fix. And the computer is really stupid. It doesn’t know how to do anything until you tell it. And that’s how we start.
  • What have you learned from your trainees? Patience and the ability to be constantly surprised. I’m just absolutely amazed at the things that people think they know and sometimes the questions they ask are just remarkable. They’ll come up with things I never thought about. I think I’ve learned to be a better trainer because I’m constantly learning things from my students. Also, to not take things for granted. I think that’s one of the hardest things with teaching somebody to do something. You tend to take things for granted. You just assume people know things. So I literally start from the bare basics and I tell people that I’m going to start from the beginning and assume you know absolutely nothing because then I won’t miss something.

Carol has three children: one on the West coast, one on the East coast, and one in Grandview, MO. She has one dog who comes to work with her daily, and one cat. And, watch for Carol at ACP sign up and other community events at and around LAMP.

Download the Training Calendar here.  

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