Chronic Cow is a science-backed, data-driven framework aimed at quality of life improvement. It is a platform to collect data and deliver prescriptive analytics. The company uses data API to enrich mainstream healthcare analytics. The Chronic Cow website offers individual guidance sessions, “Live Well” programs, and group guidance sessions for people living with chronic health conditions, loved ones and caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Chronic Cow Guides talk clients through these options to find the best data-driven program for each individual. 

Founder Kevin Payne, PhD, considers Chronic cow to be “healthcare adjacent” because it is more about “life care.” Dr. Payne has a doctorate is in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Missouri. He has largely studied how people and organizations can thrive under distress and disadvantage. His inspiration for Chronic Cow came from his experience living with multiple sclerosis. 

Payne founded Chronic Cow in 2016 with the intention to use an algorithm that searches studies and research to highlight best practices for the site’s users. The Guides will alert patients to life changes that are most important and help track patient progress. 

Chronic Cow services are delivered through several platforms. These are online and face-to-face workshops, seminars, and classes; individual and group guidance sessions; programs for targeted life improvement; print, digital, and video materials; mobile applications for monitoring and analytics; and data products and API subscription.

Read about Chronic Cow in the news. To learn more about Chronic Cow, visit their website

Dr. Kevin Payne presented to the KC Digital Drive Health Innovation Team on February 28, 2018. View slides from the presentation here.

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