Event Date: July 28, 2021
Time: 8:30-10:00 am
Location: Zoom: https://kcdigitaldrive.zoom.us/j/83375417414
Admission: Free

This month, we will consider two different approaches to reaching people where they are – in their homes.

Our first presenter will be Steve Hendrix, President of Life Science Technologies, developer of the digital health platform – m.Care.  The m.Care platform is a connected health solution for remotely connecting individuals with their hospital care team, health coach, counselor or anyone watching over that person’s health and well-being.  The patient-engagement mobile app includes software applets for capturing physical activity, nutrition, medication adherence, and monitoring of key vital signs.  Additional applets also securely capture videos and photographs, provide education, gamification, and much more.  The platform integrates with fitness and Bluetooth-enabled devices, and most applets support voice recognition,providing significant flexibility and utilization for the end user.

The mobile app connects to Life Science Technologies’ web-based care management portal,complete with an easily configurable alert and task management system, as well as dashboards for monitoring an assigned group of patients or employees.  The platform uses data analytics and predictive modeling to proactively manage a targeted user population.

Our second presenter will be Miguel Johns, founder of DiabetesCare, a social network that people with diabetes use every day. Leveraging the power of peer-to-peer support, DiabetesCare is solving the engagement problem by highlighting the everyday lives of people with diabetes on social media. Once engaged and influenced by their peers, DiabetesCare helps people with diabetes find and trust the best fit program available tothem that will lead to improved health outcomes.

Miguel indicates that he has a long family history of people with diabetes. This inspired him to start his first company, called KingFit, with a focus on diabetes education. At KingFit, his team created two apps and produced over 1000 health and wellness videos for customers. After six years in the diabetes space, he realized the potential for a company focused on engaging the person with diabetes in new ways, which led to the birth of DiabetesCare.


Every month, we bring together a group of health care stakeholders to learn and share about technology and innovation projects happening in the region–and occasionally related topics from outside the Greater Kansas City area. Our stakeholders include hospitals and the health care system, city and state government officials, health IT firms and other corporate partners, startups working in health and wellness, and other civic organizations. The meetings are open, though not widely broadcast. They generally happen on the last Wednesday of the month, 8:30-10:00 am at Mid-America Regional Council (MARC).
We send out an email agenda and calendar invite to this stakeholder list, which we loosely call the Health Innovation Team. If you wish to be added to the email list, please send a note to jfitzpatrick@kcdigitaldrive.org.