Event Date: January 26, 2022
Time: 8:30-10:00 am
Location: Zoom: https://kcdigitaldrive.zoom.us/j/86927689709
Admission: Free

In the January meeting of KC Digital Drive’s Health Innovation Team, we will look at two solutions that have Kansas City connections and look to be growing in the local marketplace. The first puts on steroids the kinds of applications we pursued in the recent Augmented / Virtual Reality Challenge and the second will show exciting extensions of existing technology.

MediView is a company developing augmented reality visualization capability for various aspects of imaging and surgery, including remote collaboration for telemedicine. This includes the use of augmented reality to see an active ultrasound session transposed directly onto the relevant area of the patient, thus removing the need for turning away from the patient to see the monitor and aiding efficiency and hand-eye coordination. This view sets up the ability to see the positioning of needles and probes to perform guided interventional procedures. This is being expanded to a holographic needle guide, again aligned directly to the patient’s anatomy. This will be further enhanced to provide a 3-D navigational experience for surgery. All levels of viewing are enabled to be shared to remote collaborators.

Our presenter will be John Black, Co-founder and Chief Commercialization Officer. John is a physiologist with an extensive background in medical device development and sales.

Our second presentation will be from Digital Conversation, a company organizing and managing existing communications technologies to have a significant impact on health outcomes and organizational performance. Leveraging SMS/EMS, secure messaging, video on-demand, and enterprise messaging, Digital Conversation was built out of a need in the market for driving a change in the way healthcare organizations communicate with their patients. This plays out in fields such as pharmacies looking to drive adherence or 5-star compliance, or large health systems managing a risk stratified population, or academic institutions looking to improve compliance around clinical trials. Understanding that the text message remains one of the most powerful tools in affecting health behaviors, Digital Conversation looks at existing workflows and protocols, and then crafting a framework and the needed content, they seek to enhance communications with the patient to achieve desired outcomes.

Our presenter will be Bob Dudzinski, CEO and founder. Bob has a Doctorate in Pharmacy and has founded several companies that marry data and technology in health.

For those interested in reviewing our November/December Health Innovation Team meeting, the recording and materials are available at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QMp-6GZytkK-bst1HduciUVN7LB9PJRI?usp=sharing

Every month, we bring together a group of health care stakeholders to learn and share about technology and innovation projects happening in the region–and occasionally related topics from outside the Greater Kansas City area. Our stakeholders include hospitals and the health care system, city and state government officials, health IT firms and other corporate partners, startups working in health and wellness, and other civic organizations. The meetings are open, though not widely broadcast. They generally happen on the last Wednesday of the month, 8:30-10:00 am at Mid-America Regional Council (MARC).
We send out an email agenda and calendar invite to this stakeholder list, which we loosely call the Health Innovation Team. If you wish to be added to the email list, please send a note to jfitzpatrick@kcdigitaldrive.org.