About GigHacksKC

It’s time to set Kansas City’s gigabit network ablaze! Join us for a weekend of futuristic fun and a chance to build the gigabit apps of tomorrow.

You’ll have the opportunity to team up with talented startups & tech companies, developers & designers, students & entrepreneurs, thinkers & doers.

We’ll hack with 4 gigabit communities across the country and connect over BBQ & broadband, telepresence robots & video wormholes, remote music jam sessions & much more.

Finally, you’ll get to advance apps for entertainment, education, telemedicine, and more. Experts & resources from US Ignite, Mozilla, and Orange will help turn your gigabit ideas into reality. Come hack with us!

Special Saturday Presentation: Colin Williamson of Shinra

We’ll also feature a special in-person presentation on Saturday at 12:30pm by game industry veteran Colin Williamson of Shinra Technologies, Inc. Shinra is a New York-based supercomputer gaming company that uses its patented remote rendering technology to enable the creation of bold, new gaming experiences that are not possible on any other platform. Shinra is shepherding the development of cloud games with top-tier partners, curating the best content and distributing these and other games on its platform. Following the success of its Japanese technical beta test, registration for the U.S. technical beta test will open in summer 2015 for gigabit-Internet-connected users, starting with Kansas City. At GigHacks, Colin will share how supercomputing technology is applicable to gaming and how it ties into fiber.

How to Join:

  1. Register and view the agenda on Eventbrite so we know you’re coming.
  2. Create a profile on ChallengePost & create a profile
  3. Post your Ideas on the Discussions tab (optional)
  4. Attend a weekly community call – Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. through April 29 – To discuss ideas and answer questions you may have. Call-in Number: 800-707-2533 /  Password: 369 / Conference: 7667#


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