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Aspiring Auteurs, Seasoned Cinematographers, and Midwestern Moviemakers Unite!

CAPTURE is your chance to partake in a unique, 48-hour, crowd-sourced filmmaking experience that unites the tech and arts scenes of two different cities, Kansas City and Chattanooga!

In addition to having vibrant creative communities worth celebrating, KC and Chattanooga are also home to citywide gigabit networks. Let’s show off our speed and artistic chops in one fell swoop this September!

What is Capture?

Capture (official site) is a crowd-sourced moviemaking contest that challenges you to take your camera (e.g., the one on your phone) out into the city to capture footage on a theme. Once the theme is announced at the kickoff party Friday night Sept. 18, you’ll have 24 hours to shoot and upload up to five 30-second clips that reflect that theme.

Then, Saturday night, teams of pre-chosen editors and musicians here in KC and also in Chattanooga will turn your footage into short films. The finished films will be shown at the “Premiere” party Sunday night, Sept. 20, and celebrity judge Mark Covino will declare a winner!

Wait, Chattanooga?

Capture was created two years ago by the nice folks at Chattanooga’s Association for Visual Arts (AVA) as a way to use their citywide gigabit Internet network to do something cool for the arts. Earlier this year, they reached out to Kansas City about partnering, and we were like “heck yes.”


Capture 2014 Premiere Event in Chattanooga


Nice. So how do I get in on it?

First, you’ll need to figure out how much Capture you want to take in that weekend. If you want to shoot film, then you’ll need to definitely register yourself as a “Community Filmmaker” when you get tickets.

Sounds good, and do I need to get tickets to the events, too? 

Yep. There are parties Friday and Sunday evening. The one on Friday is free, but the one Sunday requires a ticket purchase. If you register as a Community Filmmaker, the Sunday Premiere Event is only $10. Otherwise, it’s $15 if you just come to the party and don’t shoot film. Get tickets here.


Can you, like, give me a schedule/price breakdown for Capture?


  • FRIDAY, 5:00-7:00pm: Kickoff Party, Board Room at Union Station – Free
  • FRI-SAT, 6:30pm-6:30pm: Community Filmmaking – Shoot and upload your films by 6:30 on Saturday – $10 just to upload, $20 if you want to come to the party
  • SAT-SUN: Editors Edit and Musicians Make Music: Teams of editors & composers in both cities take all your footage and make movies
  • SUNDAY: Premiere Event at Union Station, 5:30-7:30pm – $15 unless you bought the $20 ticket, in which case you’re gold

How’s that?

That works. Is there other stuff going on that weekend too?

Yes, lots, but the only thing you need to know is that Capture is capping the end of Techweek here in Kansas City.

What’s this about a theme?

So, Friday we’ll announce the theme to inspire your filmic odyssey. Past themes have included “Light and Dark” and “Simple Beauty.” The idea is you’ll get the theme and keep it in mind as you film live, local stuff (no nonlocal, found or previously used material, please). Then you’ll upload up to five separate 30-second clips.

Pro tip: Go somewhere that has gigabit Internet to make uploading faster, such as the Starbucks on Main in midtown, a KC Library branch, or the residence of anyone who has a 1 Gbps connection and doesn’t mind sharing.

I’ll find somewhere to upload, don’t you worry. But what if I’m a terrible videog–

All talent levels are welcome at Capture! We just want you to have fun and do your best!

You didn’t let me finish.


What if I’m a bad videographer, but my friend Werner is AMAZING. I want him to do the filming, but me and our buddy Klaus will just tag along for the ride. Do we all have to be “Community Filmmakers”?

Nope, here’s what you’ll do: Get everyone together and go to this orange-y Eventbrite page. Werner will do the $20 “Community Filmmaker Registration + Premiere Event Ticket.” We’ll send Werner a code so that he can upload your crew’s films on Saturday. You and Klaus can just do the $15 “Premiere Event Ticket Only” option to come party down and see the results on Sunday. (And don’t forget the free party on Friday.) By the way, are your friends the Werner and Klaus I’m thinking of?

klaus-wernerI don’t know, man, I just met them at a Film Society KC screening. They sure argue a lot, though. In fact, there’s a good chance Klaus will piss off Werner and Werner won’t come to the party Sunday.

In that case, Werner may be better off doing the $10 “Community Filmmaker Registration Only” option. If he still wants to come Sunday, I dunno… we’ll work something out.

By the way, why do we have to pay money to send in our films?

Good question. Both here and in Chattanooga, the creative geniuses who will be pulling all-nighters to edit and score these mini masterpieces are gettin’ cash money. We’re paying teams of editors $600 apiece and teams of musicians $800 apiece. (It’s more for musicians in case they need to rent studio time.) Also, we have to cover some hosting fees.

How did you choose the editing / composing teams?

We reached out to the film and music communities in August and got them to send us their stuff. The sagacious board members at Film Society KC reviewed the material and then did some matchmaking to put together teams that can crank out awesome work in a 24-hour period.

bandcalledeathWhat do they get out of this?

Besides getting paid and having fun, they’ll get to compete with other teams across the country to earn bragging rights as best gigabit city filmmaker. Also, at the joint KC-Chattanooga screening, judge Mark Covino will declare a winner. The winning film will also be screened next Spring at the Middle of the Map Film Fest, right here in KC.

I know I should probably know this, but Mark Who?

Mark Covino, acclaimed filmmaker best known for the documentary A Band Called Death, about a lost ’70s black punk band.

That sounds awesome, I’m gonna Netflix that tonight. 

Do it. Any other questions?

Yes, are there any sponsors I can thank, support, and/or buy stuff from?

So glad you asked! Please thank, support and buy stuff from these people:

Missouri Film Office

Visit KC

KC Film + Media Office

Ink Magazine

Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest

Film Society KC

KC Digital Drive

Do YOU have questions? Email them to Zach Cooper – Also check out for more about the project.

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