Think for a minute: How many presents under your tree have a digital component?

Visions of video games, tablets and fitbits may dance through your head.

But what about all the gifts you bought online?

Do you even remember what the holidays were like pre-Amazon?

This holiday season at KC Digital Drive we’re calling on all KC techies who have already gotten their shopping done online to give a donation to help bridge the digital divide in Kansas City.

It’s tax deductible, and you can do it through PayPal: < DONATE NOW />

We’re asking you to do this because, for a countless number of Kansas Citians, the convenience of shopping online is not a luxury – it’s not even a reality.

The same applies to basic needs like applying for health insurance, finding a house, finding a job, brushing up a resume… many things you could do in an evening are out of reach for people who need them most.

Where Your Money Will Go

If you can make a year-end, tax deductible gift to KC Digital Drive by Dec. 31, we will allocate your dollars toward purchasing equipment and developing digital literacy curriculum for partners like Reconciliation Services, where each week, our KCDD volunteers teach a digital life skills class.

  • Sand Cherry Associates recently awarded KC Digital Drive a grant of over $2,000 to purchase equipment for the classes at RS and use at other community events around digital inclusion. This is enough for a handful of laptops but does not include the costs of curriculum development or the teacher time to serve classes that average in size of 10-15 people twice a week.

If you want to help upwards of 1,500 Kansas Citians in need receive personalized digital life skills training this year, then we urge you to supplement this grant with a donation of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can give.

In 2016, the #KCDigitalDivide ends when you combine your tech savvy with your generous heart.


VIDEO: Miss Mary Thornton talks about what she’s learned from the Digital Life Skills training at RS.

Questions? Email us or call 913-475-9885.


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