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The webinars conducted in the weeks before and after the Jan. 2015 Gigabit City Summit – North America have been archived. We hope these will be useful for review by conference attendees and anyone else who’s interested in the visioning work that took place in Kansas City and how to adapt it for any city facing a fiber buildout.

Led by Aaron Deacon of KC Digital Drive and Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group, these sessions focused broadly on helping city leaders organize community stakeholders and assist them in brainstorming actionable ideas for using the gigabit network to enhance the community’s goals for economic development, education, health, and more.

Webinar 1: Collaborative Vision (1/7/15)

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The webinar covered:

  • The value of broad participation in community visioning
  • Prep work for the Metro Delegation Workshop on Jan. 13
  • Input and reaction opportunities
  • Some topics for consideration as you enter the Summit

Webinar 2: Engaging Your Community Where It’s At Right Now (2/14/15)

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This follow-up webinar to the Gigabit City Summit provides ideas and discusses multiple scenarios for engaging your community where it stands right now. No matter where your team is within the playbook development process, there are valuable opportunities to reach out, engage the right community segments, and keep moving forward even if all the details of what the future holds aren’t known. Additionally, we’ll field the questions you have as you start using the Visioning Playbook back in your home community.

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