Connecting people with stuff to donate
with nonprofits that can put it to good use.

Un-Dumpster Days

Pounds of donations collected

Similar to a dating app, Re.Use.Full is an imaginative solution launched in 2020 with a goal to encourage simple, sustainable living by providing an easy way to de-clutter and do good. When community members clear out their homes and need to find a place for usable furniture, clothes, household items, and technology, Re.Use.Full connects donors to a nonprofit, school or church that can give them a second life to keep this still-good stuff out of the landfill and help more people and pets.

Re.Use.Full also hosts un-dumpster days, events where charity partners come together to provide individuals with a one-stop drop for donating still-good items.

Find your perfect match, donate, or volunteer! Visit the Re.Use.Full website and Get Involved today.

Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott

Digital Inclusion Program Manager

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