I Got Mine

Connecting KCMO residents with free sexual health resources offered by the city

The City of Kansas City, MO Health Department is engaging diverse communities across Kansas City through mobile outreach and the promotion of health-related resources.

The Problem

Every year, many residents of Kansas City forego services provided by the City of Kansas City, MO Health Department (KCHD). At least (statistic?) % [source] of students in the KCPS School District have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). The public health costs of untreated STIs is (???) every year [source], and that doesn’t account for the emotional costs, the lost school time, etc that students who have STIs have to bear. The City of Kansas City, MO Health Department has a number of programs to reduce the risk of STIs spreading among the city’s youth–and citizens of all ages. Resources the city offers include free condom distribution, HIV tests, an interactive sexual health assessment, and sexual health seminars and/or testing opportunities held in the community at large. Unfortunately, most people–and especially the youth who need these services the most–aren’t aware the City offers them.

I Got Mine: A mobile app and awareness campaign to connect city resources to those who need them most

As part of a yearlong collaboration between KC Digital Drive’s Code for KC Brigade and Health Innovation Team, we are building an app or HTML5 website for the City of Kansas City, Mo. that will serve as a landing site for the City’s I Got Mine campaign. Desired functionality includes storing and the resource database (provided and updated by Health Department staff), identifying static or just-in-time resources based on location, and helping to identify transit routes to access these services most efficiently.

Some of this functionality is available through sites like condomfinder.org; increased awareness of the availability of free condoms, and increased usage during risky sexual activity are the desired outcomes. But these existing resources fail to provide the full scope of services the city offers, they don’t contextualize condom usage in a broader health landscape, and most importantly, the people who need the resources don’t know they exist.

The I Got Mine campaign to raise awareness is critical, and the Health Department is committed (can we quantify resources?) to doing X,Y,and Z to drive traffic to this app.

[spitballing here…Paul, please help!] This project at a minimum is not too technically difficult. It would be great opportunity for a beginning programmer–or even a novice!–to burnish their [Python and Ruby? what programming language?] skills. We have experienced coders in the Brigade ready and willing to help. To incorporate the location and real-time transit functions, we need people with a little more advanced skills (can we be specific?). We would love to have designers and some front-end talent to work with the creative team so that the look and feel of the app integrates nicely with the campaign. And we have plenty of room for project managers, UX talent, marketing folks or others who find this use case compelling and are looking for a great project with which to give back to the community, learn new skills, or add a project to their portfolio.

Click here to learn more about Code for KC and how we build out projects; go here to join us at our next Hack Night.

Key Project Needs

Estimated developer/work time: 50 hours
Critical skills: Python (no experience needed), Ruby (intermediate)
Nice to have skills:
Project lead: Eric Dean, City of Kansas City, Mo. Health Department

Our Team



Organizational Lead

Eric Dean

Project Lead

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