Free Network Foundation

Empowering communities to build and maintain their own networks.

Connected and Resilient

A 501c3 nonprofit originated in Kansas City with an advisory council in KC and headquarters in Austin, the Free Network Foundation provides people with the tools, education and infrastructure to create and maintain low-cost mesh wifi networks.

Through its offshoot KC Freedom Network, the FNF worked with area digital inclusion organization Connecting for Good to establish free networks serving more than 600 residences in the low-income housing developments of Juniper Gardens and Rosedale Ridge, both in Kansas City, Kansas. KC Freedom Network also provides a free network to the Mutual Musicians Foundation, a renowned jazz club and historic institution.

While the FNF seeks to lead efforts nationally and internationally, including a US version of the Catalonian, KC Freedom Network continues to provide support to local initiatives.

Read the article “Network Free KC” about FNF in Harper’s.

Isaac Wilder

Isaac Wilder

Co-founder/Advisory Board

Charles Wyble

Charles Wyble

Co-founder/Executive Director

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