Digital Inclusion Plan

A comprehensive proposal to close the digital divide.

Over the past 15 years, the “digital divide” has emerged as an important social justice issue in the United States. As noted in early 2012 in a key report issued by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS):

The cost of digital exclusion is great. Without access [to information and communication technologies], full participation in nearly every aspect of American society—from economic success and educational achievement, to positive health outcomes and civic engagement—is compromised.

This issue has gained traction in the Kansas City area over the past three years, catalyzed by Google Fiber’s entry into the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) market. In 2014, the Kauffman Foundation commissioned KC Digital Drive director Aaron Deacon to assess the digital divide landscape in Kansas City and propose a plan to address it using every available resource, including community assets such as libraries, schools and neighborhood development organizations; as well as technology solutions.

The result of Deacon’s study is contained in the Digital Inclusion Plan. It was presented to the Kauffman Foundation in the fall of 2014. It currently awaits approval to be released to the public and implemented.


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