Augmented Reality Developer Challenge

Building new AR/VR applications to improve our community

Amount of cash prizes awarded to teams

Number of projects presented on demo day

Amount of additional awards won by competing teams

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Developer Challenge

KC Digital Drive is hosting an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Developer Challenge. The event is part of a larger national series created by US Ignite. The AR/VR Challenge will bring together entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, developers, and other creative minds with the goal of building AR applications that solve local problems.

Join the Community (February-March 2021)
Are you a tech enthusiast? Have a real-world problem that needs a solution? Know a cool use of AR/VR technology that could be applied to a new area? Want to be part of something exciting happening in Kansas City and Omaha?

Design and Discovery Workshop (March 30, 2021)
Time to bring everyone together (since it is 2021 that will be virtual). Ideas will be presented and discussed, a few new ideas will emerge, teams will be formed around the best ideas, and project canvases will be created. At the conclusion of the workshop, 3 teams will be awarded $1,500 each to continue developing. All teams will be encouraged to move forward.

Sprint to Hackathon (April-May, 2021)
Teams will work individually to start developing their product in preparation for the Hackathon. Roles and tasks will be laid out, new members can be recruited, needed resources are defined, early design work begins. KC Digital Drive will provide access to some tools, mentors, and educational resources.

AR/VR Hackathon (May 14-16, 2021)
A weekend drive to start developing a full functioning product. Chance to interact with a larger group of people. Presentation of the work done and the business concept. Judges will award a $10,000 first prize and a $5,000 second prize.

Drive to Demo Day (June-Dec 2021)
Work to create an MVP that can be presented at Demo Day.

AR/VR Demo Day (February 2022)
Time to celebrate and show off what we have created. Register for Demo Day here!

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