How technology will change the legal profession, your practice, and your ethical obligations. Plus, what you can do about it.

Hosted by KC Legal Hackers, KC Digital Drive, and the UMKC School of Law


  • Date: May 29, 2019, 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Venue: UMKC Law Thompson Courtroom
  • CLE Credit: Kansas & Missouri TBD
  • Fees:
    • With CLE: $175 half day  //  $275 full day
    • Without CLE: $30
    • Breakfast and lunch included


The Ethics of Legal Technology

Ellen Suni, Dean Emerita and Professor of Law at UMKC Law

Technology is changing the legal profession and every lawyer’s ethical duties. This session will address those changes with a special emphasis on ethical obligations and opportunities which arise from the intersection of law and technology.

Legal Hackers: Building an Open Culture for Law

Jameson Dempsey, Residential Fellow at CodeX, The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics

Around the world, a new legal community is rising, one that applies the tools and methods of the technology community to address pressing law, policy, and entrepreneurship issues. This talk will describe the Legal Hackers ethos, its mission, and how an “open culture” for law is changing the legal industry from the inside out.

Building a Law & Technology Community

Anthony Luppino, Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at UMKC Law

10 Tech Tools for Entrepreneurial Lawyers

Chris Brown, Founder of Venture Legal
John Benson, Attorney at Stinson Leonard Street

Technology is making it easier than ever to run an entrepreneurial law firm. In this rapid-fire session, we will cover ten technologies that will help you run a more efficient law firm and provide better services to clients.

Understanding Emerging Technologies and their Potential Impact on the Legal System

Bryan Wilson, Operations and Policy at RiskGenius

An executive-level introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart contracts. This session will provide a basic level of understanding for each topic, with examples of how that technology might be used, an honest assessment of the vulnerabilities of each technology, and some practical steps for how to implement tech-forward solutions in your practice.

Using Dynamics Design to Solve for Legal Use Cases

Beth McCarthy, Head of Design and Research at Starfish Network

Looking at the role design has played in developing process innovations and technological innovations; this session will offer a participatory framework on how to use design to creatively solve issues that face the legal system.

Data Privacy: Practical Strategies & Legislative Changes

Kristin Kenny, Corporate Counsel at Google

Data collection and monetization is the new oil of the digital world, but managing that data presents unique challenges to legal professionals. In this session, we will explore practical strategies to help clients mitigate risk related to data collection, use, and retention. We will also review the EU’s GDPR and the possibility of U.S. federal privacy regulation.

Practical Thoughts on 21st Century Risk Management

Bill Burns, Shareholder at Gilmore & Bell

The Good Place. A hit NBC Comedy, and a great metaphor for lawyers who practice in a heaven-like utopia in which the risk of bar complaints and legal malpractice actions are minimal. This session will discuss risk management and ethics considerations relating to the evolution of the practice of law in light of the technologies discussed in earlier sessions.