Join KCDD and KCWeb3 for networking and an informed discussion around how our regular events can optimally support web 3 professionals in Kansas City. Drinks and light snacks will be provided with plenty of time to exchange information with other industry stakeholders.

What is web 3?

“Web 3” is a name for a web controlled and secured by a decentralized network of users instead of tech companies. Decentralized trust technology like blockchain creates a single rules based and tamper proof account of digital events using incentives mechanism design.

This allows users themselves to exchange value peer-to-peer without needing to know the other party or worry about “double spending”. Developers can deploy censure resistant web apps which can interact with each other directly on one shared “world computer”. Important data can exist in a public secure environment owned by all instead of on a company’s server. This opens up an explosion of new forms of digital ownership and data autonomy from which an entire decentralized data economy can emerge. “Web 3.0 will engender a new global digital economy, creating new business models and markets to go with them, busting platform monopolies like Google and Facebook, and giving rise to vast levels of bottom-up innovation.”- Gavin Wood, co-developer/founder Ethereum

KCWeb3 Board

  • Josh Rainwater is Founder, working President
  • Professor Del Wright, J.D. is business advisor and board member

Jim Starcev is Program Director for Kansas City Digital Drive, a non-profit devoted to powering local tech innovation in Kansas City.