Event Date: May 2, 2024
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 pm
Location: Crema (1815 Central Street Kansas City, MO 64108)
Admission: Free


Are you interested in the intersection of design and development? Join us for an evening exploring the dynamic relationship between UX (user experience) and web development. We’ll delve into how UX principles inform the creation of intuitive and user-friendly websites, and how web developers bring those designs to life. Whether you’re a UX designer, developer, or simply curious about the future of web experiences, this event is a great opportunity to connect, share ideas, and gain valuable insights.

Join us on May 2nd from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. for our networking event: DIGITAL SCENE KC: UX/Web Development!  Visit Crema and meet their talented staff while enjoying the company of other digital media professionals interested in web development and the user experience.

Connect with KC area digital media professionals in a casual, happy hour event while you learn more about what’s going on in KC with motion graphics.

  • Enjoy free food and drink
  • Network with other KC area digital media professionals and digital media educators
  • Meet with some of KC’s best web development & design practitioners
  • Learn how Crema incorporates strategy, design, engineering and growth principles in developing business solutions

Who Can Attend?

Digital media professionals and digital media educators. (Sorry, no students under 21 as beer & wine will be served).
This event is free, but you must REGISTER to attend.

Guest Exhibitors

Tyler Hilker
Tyler Hilker is the Vice President of Strategy at Crema. Since 2005, he has been optimizing, organizing, strategizing, & designing digital experiences. He’s worked with organizations across the spectrum, from re-product startups to Fortune 50 enterprises, family-owned small businesses to global non-profits. No matter the project, Tyler gets most excited about working through the challenges to unlock an opportunity.

Pamela Porto
Pamela Porto is the Director of Design at Crema. Pamela takes a holistic view of complex problems. Her focus is on creating experiences that align with users’ and business goals, fostering empathy, and promoting accessibility. What excites Pamela about her role at Crema is the opportunity to continuously help clients launch new products or refine existing ones, using design as the biggest lever for opportunity.

Sherry Lumpkins
Sherry Lumpkins is Founder and Principal at Blue Symphony. An accomplished technology and management professional, Sherry holds multiple technology certifications and has over three decades of experience  creating custom solutions leveraging her tenure as a software engineer, data architect, business analyst, and project manager. While she loves her career, Sherry knows there’s more to life than working so she makes  time for traveling with family and friends and doing her part to close the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) gap.

Itto Outini and Mekiya Outini
Itto Outini and Mekiya Outini are the Founding Editors of the The DateKeepers. Itto Outini, who is totally blind and uses a screen reader to navigate the web, will discuss how digital applications and technologies are making special adaptations for better computing experiences for disabled users.

About Our Host:

The Crema group is a Kansas City, Missouri-based design and technology consultancy specializing in crafting custom software solutions for businesses. Their team combines business strategy with technical expertise to create user-friendly and effective software products. They offer a range of services, from defining business needs to user experience design and development.

This event is part of the DIGITAL SCENE KC series and is sponsored by: