Event Date: August 24, 2021
Time: 8:30-10:00 am
Location: https://15797111.xleap.net/comebackkcventures
Admission: Free

This Discovery Workshop will be devoted to innovations that emerged in response to Covid-19, with a focus on entrepreneurs and high-growth startups looking to grow new businesses out of the new opportunities the pandemic has presented.

We’ve done three workshops with specific subject matter focus (health care, education, digital inclusion). For this event, we want to engage the people who work with startups in any domain–entrepreneurial support organizations, ecosystem builders, investors, and entrepreneurs.

We need your input to help us identify new entrepreneurs and sustainable business opportunities and support KC’s economic recovery as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. The Comeback KC Ventures program, supported by an EDA SPRINT grant, allows us to provide unique and tailored support to help these innovations grow and scale.

Mike Brown and Emma Alvarez Gibson of The Brainzooming Group will facilitate an interactive, online session to help us frame the scale and scope of Kansas City-based pandemic-related innovation. Session participants will interact with other thought leaders in the space and receive an organized and detailed follow-up report of the information generated in the session.

The Comeback KC Ventures program, jointly managed by UMKC’s Innovation Center and KC Digital Drive, is designed to help KC’s economic recovery by supporting innovators and entrepreneurs build and grow pandemic response solutions into sustainable businesses.

Note that this is an audio and web interactive platform, but there is minimal video function. Here is a brief overview on how the software works and what to expect from the facilitation: https://info.brainzooming.com/blast