If you are a STEM advocate seeking opportunities to work with Kansas City youth, STEMS on the VINES (the extra “S” is for Sustainability) may be for you. The group’s mission is “to provide inspiration and STEM enrichment to students in a school district that has been provisionally unaccredited for decades.”

As the name implies, the focus is on the community around the 18th & Vine Jazz District — a part of town better known for great attractions like the Blue Room and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum than for educational facilities.

S on the V wants to change that. And you can help.

STEMS on  the VINES at CfA

STEMS on the VINES director Imani Malaika presents at Code for KC.

At a recent Code for KC meetup hosted by KC Digital Drive, director Imani Malaika shared the following way STEMS on the VINES is looking to engage volunteers from the tech community:


  • Invite students to attend a tech meetup (hack night)
  • Talk about your company and current job duties
  • Health interventions using the Urban League’s “Picture of Health” data collection project

Make a Video

  • Highlight a tech device: smartwatch, FitBit, Jawbone, Google Glass, Occulus Rift
  • How and why to defrag and other maintenance or security measures
  • Video of you talking about your favorite STEMS subject
  • Video profile of your education and career path

Volunteer on Twitter

  • No need to travel to a site
  • Schedule a time that is convenient for you
  • Answer questions on Twitter or live chat with screenshots

To get involved, email vineststems@att.net or call 816-332-1766.

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