Gigabit Community Fund

Next Generation Apps that Benefit the Community


Created by the Mozilla Foundation, the Gigabit Community Fund provides grants and resources for innovators exploring the use of next-generation gigabit technologies to benefit educational organizations.

Made possible by the National Science Foundation and US Ignite, the goal of the fund is to impact learning in and out of the classroom by supporting educators developing  projects that use gigabit connectivity.

The $300,000 fund will support projects in Kansas City and Chattanooga. As the leading gigabit economies in the US, these communities are becoming ‘living labs’ for experimentation and development of public benefit uses for these technologies.

The Gigabit Community Fund will support two 12-week pilot periods in both cities. In each pilot period, up to 10 projects will be awarded between $5,000 and $30,000.

So far, 26 Kansas City projects have received grants from the Gigabit Community Fund:

Spring 2014

Summer 2014

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

  • CERN+KC Gigabit Challenge | ElevateEDU
  • Housing Smart Cities | University of Kansas, School of Architecture, Design & Planning
  • Immersive VR for Local and Remote Medical and Anatomical Education | Trinity Animation
  • Urban Farming Guys Smart Greenhouse | The Urban Farming Guys
  • Virtual Realities in Culture: Explorations of the African Diaspora | V Form Alliance
  • The Gigabots Cross City Connected Robotics | Big Bang

Fall 2017

  • VR Field Trip to the USA | PenPal Schools
  • CERN + KC + Austin Gigabit Challenge | Elevate EDU
  • Coder in Residence | Big Bang + Lane STEM

Spring 2018

  • Lafayette Gigabot Coding Initiative | Big Bang + Lafayette (LA) Parish Public Schools
  • New Hope STEM Club Gigabot Project | Big Bang + New Hope Community Development of Acadiana
  • LOLA-Enabled Puppet Theaters | Big Bang + Red Bank High School (Chattanooga, TN)



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