Learn how local non-profits and community-benefit organizations can help families in need get home Internet access

With funding from Johnson County’s CARES Act allocation and the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, Mid-America Assistance Coalition (MAAC) is now able to provide direct financial support for some households struggling to pay for Internet access. MAAC has provided this service for other utilities like electric, gas, and water, and as the coronavirus pandemic underscores the critical need for this connectivity, we are glad to build this new service capacity.

Hosted by KC Digital Drive, this informational session is intended for agencies and organizations who work with families who may want to take advantage of this service and opportunity; service providers; and prospective funders who want to help expand this capacity.

While the current funds are closely tied to COVID-19 and have a short timeline, we believe we can build an important resource for continued service to the community.