Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Healthcare Applications

Event Date: December 2, 2020
Time: 8:30-10:00 am


For our next meeting, we shift a bit in terms of both timing and content. For timing, we’ll consolidate both the November and December meetings on December 2nd. This will avoid disrupting the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas as would occur under our normal last-Wednesday scheme.

For content, we will continue with our remote platform, but conduct a focus group and working session rather than presentations. As always, all are welcome, be we especially want to reach out to those who are innovation leaders in their organizations, as well as to those who have a particular interest in extended reality technology and applications.

The opportunity at-hand is to participate with one of KC Digital Drive’s national partners, US Ignite, to host the “Augmented Reality Developer Challenge“. The AR Developer Challenge will extend over most of 2021 and include a series of community-driven competition events focused on solving problems in areas such as healthcare, education, workforce development, and more.

In our meeting, we will look to our membership to share their experiences with augmented reality (AR), determine if there are current AR projects in the KC area that could be instructive, do some visioning of potential projects and partnerships, and consider a high-level roadmap for the competition. KC Digital Drive is already actively engaged in finding local corporate sponsorship of the program to provide both basic infrastructure and prizes. We will use any wisdom gained during our meeting not only to help form and advance the local competition, but also to apply to US Ignite for a possible matching grant (up to $20,000).

So, let’s gather round the virtual table and brainstorm our way to a new reality! See you December 2nd.


Every month, we bring together a group of health care stakeholders to learn and share about technology and innovation projects happening in the region–and occasionally related topics from outside the Greater Kansas City area. Our stakeholders include hospitals and the health care system, city and state government officials, health IT firms and other corporate partners, startups working in health and wellness, and other civic organizations. The meetings are open, though not widely broadcast. They generally happen on the last Wednesday of the month, 8:30-10:00 am at Mid-America Regional Council (MARC).
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