Access is the first step. Inclusion is the second.

Google Fiber has already brought about tremendous progress in bridging Kansas City’s digital divide by placing its network in many of our poorest neighborhoods.

But all that fiber won’t make a difference unless people are using it.

That’s why we at KC Digital Drive are excited that Google Fiber is partnering with the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) to place Digital Inclusion Fellows in KC and seven other Google Fiber metros.

Read the announcement on the Google Fiber blog. Two fellows will be placed in each city. Applications to become a fellow are open until June 10. Those interested should apply here:

Digital Inclusion Fellowship Graphic

Google & NTEN are looking for fellows to help bridge the divide in KC.

“We’re excited about the projects that they and their fellows will lead, and the impact they’ll have on closing the digital divide,” said Kansas City Google Fiber Community Manager Rachel Merlo in an email last week.

The Kansas City fellows will work through the Full Employment Council and Literacy Kansas City to develop programs and work with clients. According to Merlo, the FEC will offer digital literacy classes in computer labs across the city and educate people on affordable home Internet options.

Best known for teach adults to read, Literacy KC has recently begun offering excellent computer classes (peggy video). As part of this program, LKC will conduct research and hold focus groups to determine what new classes are needed and then work those classes into their curriculum.

Recruitment for the fellows begins now, so if you know anyone with the skills and passion to teach digital literacy, encourage them to apply!

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