IT Workforce Development

Growing a Qualified Workforce to Boost Economic Development

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We do not currently have a large enough pool of skilled workers to meet local IT workforce demands. The problem is expected to grow significantly as our IT economy expands with the advent of the ultra-high-speed fiber network.

MARC is currently coordinating efforts with workforce investment boards, area community colleges and universities, PREP-KC, the STEM Alliance and other partners to develop

IT career pathways. MBIT recommends that these efforts be expanded and taken to scale.


  • Help schools counsel students about career pathways and develop curricula that meet IT workforce needs.
  • Help connect high school students to community college classes and virtual labs to support students leaving high school with credits toward associate degrees or technical field credentials.
  • Develop an inclusionary workforce strategy that addresses segments of the population currently not commonly entering the IT workforce, building a jobs/training pipeline for women, minorities and youth.
  • Create and retain a pool of local talent to keep homegrown companies here and attract new businesses and IT professionals.
  • Secure Kansas City’s leadership position as new technology industries emerge.
  • Better define and promote career pathways in the IT industry in cooperation with the region’s workforce development organizations and employers.