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Building a community that of gigabit stakeholders bent on improving people’s lives.

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When it comes to gigabit network technology in the early 2010s, infrastructure tends to exceed capability. This means that when a technology like Google Fiber arrives in a community, few people, if any, know what to do with it. The present-day consumer market doesn’t drive usage of ultrafast network speeds of 1 gigabit per second. Likewise, typical cable companies and ISPs do not experience much demand for speeds past 100 Mbps. But when that kind of blazing-fast, cutting-edge technology comes available, it would be a wasted opportunity not to try something.

It is therefore incumbent on an organization like KC Digital Drive to build a diverse human network of forward-thinking people intent on not only developing new applications that take advantage of gigabit technology – but that leverage it to make people’s lives better.


KC Digital Drive is working to identify opportunities for engagement within verticals that stand to be benefitted by technology. This includes categories like government and civics, education, healthcare, and digital literacy/inclusion. Working with community representatives from these classes, KC Digital Drive facilitates the launch of projects and events ultimately aimed at driving positive outcomes using gigabit technology.